Toast the New Year with Gin

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You may have seen her on your TV screen supporting the new Bond hit Skyfall this autumn, but Kiwi singer Gin Wigmore is sure to be a star in her own right in 2013. Virginia Claire Wigmore appeared this October in the Heineken/ James Bond advert featuring Daniel Craig and Bond girl Berenice Marlohe. This may be her first appearance in the UK, but with a five times platinum album at home in New Zealand and full collection of awards under her belt, she is certainly no stranger to fame.

After struggling in the past with the death of her father and difficult relationship break-ups, Gin has poured these emotions into her music, which she describes as having “the love of a cowboy, bathed in a little lonesome blues, danced to a touch of rock and roll and having the swagger of a woman past midnight”. Signed with Mercury Records, the 26-year-old’s new album ‘Gravel and Wine’ was produced by Butch Walker, who has worked with the likes of Weezer and Pink, and was released on 5th November featuring the song from the advert, ‘Man Like That’. The Beacon caught up with Gin to find out a bit more about her new album and her rise to fame.

Tell us about your new album. The new album is an eclectic mix of western music and rock roll. It came from a trip I did around the Deep South of America were I experienced the blues and the raw grit of the music. The album is a really good mix, a good bag of different songs.
How much input did you have in writing the album? Heaps. I pretty much wrote and co-wrote everything on the album, I see myself very much as a writer. You have to write your own lyrics to believe them and believe what you are saying. Especially when you are saying them over and over and in front of a live audience.  Live shows are my favourite part of this crazy industry.
What inspires you when you write? I write about things in my life, especially men. I love men and I think love and falling in and out of love is such a passionate field of feelings and it always inspired me to write. Obviously when I write I use some creative license and can create characters. The women in my songs tend to be very strong, there is a toughness about my music at the moment, I don’t know why, because I’m actually really happy! I love that what I write can have an effect on so many people. It is empowering and one of the coolest parts of my job is seeing how my music affects people and inspires them.

Who inspires you? That is really tough, but when I think of other artists, I think Cary Ann Hearst is my favourite. Her music is just epic, dark and creepy. I am also addicted to Elvis. Butch Walker is always someone who has inspired me too, and working with him and dabbling in the dirty old world of the southern states of America was always my next ambition. This is a dream come true.

See the artist in action below and check the Beacon blog next week for more from Gin.

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